An Ruadh-stac from Maol Chean-dearg

An Ruadh-Stac

Rugged quartzite Corbett in Coulin

An Ruadh-Stac is a rugged litte hill in the southern edge of Coulin Forest. Its white quartzite rock shimmers in sunlight if wet.

An Ruadh-Stac

Meaningthe red conical hill
ListsCorbett, 33
LocationCoulin and Ben Damh, Applecross, Coulin and Torridon
Grid RefNG921480
Lat/Lon57.47498, -5.46827

An Ruadh-Stac stands in the heart of some wild landscapes between Glen Torridon and Strath Carron. It is a rugged litte hill, with a conical summit comprising mainly of quartzite rock that shimmers in sunlight if wet.

Most hikers will bag An Ruadh-Stac along with its higher neighbour, Maol Chean-dearg, approaching from Coulags to the south in Strath Carron. Recent hydro tracks and an old right-of-way lead to the base of these two mountains, from where a stalkers path reaches close to within 1km of the summits. There's some easy scrambling on An Ruadh-Stac.

Routes up An Ruadh-Stac

Maol Chean-dearg and An Ruadh-Stac

From Strath Carron, a Right-of-Way path gains the foot of these rugged hills from where a rough old stalkers path leads most of the way uphill. There's some easy rock-scrambling to enjoy on the way to An Ruadh-Stac's summit.

Peaks : 1 Munro, 1 Corbett

Ascent : 1400m (4590ft)
Distance : 19km (12m)
Time : 7:5hr

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