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Drumochter Munros

24-25 January 2015
Winter conditions Richard was leading our hike up the Munros to the west of the Drumochter. In full-on winter conditions, this is his tale of the day.....

We met up at the car park where a lot of digging was required to get the cars off the road after a fair bit of fresh snow had fallen overnight covering up the blocks of ice! It was a pleasant start in deep snow straight from the level crossing as we broke a trail slowly up the flanks of Geal Charn. As we climbed, we were treated to some bursts of sunshine and blue skies, though they soon disappeared and before long we were in blizzard conditions making for the summit in zero visibility.

Winter above Drumochter On the summit, the weather wasn't encouraging for a stop - very gusty strong gales and heavy snow along with spindrift from the mountain. So with everybody up for another peak, we waded down the snow to find some shelter out of the wind for a bit of lunch and something warm to drink.

Descending to Drumochter Heading off again, the going was heavy as we made for the ridge to A'Mharconaich. Further on it became beautifully scoured and then relatively easy all the way to a much icier and even windier summit. It was a wild winter day and crampons were needed to get safely down the long NE ridge of A'Mharconaich. There was no shelter to be found so we carried on down to the river spooking several mountain hares and grouse along the way. After some much needed refreshments we kept on wading through the snow back to the carpark and made our escape to warmth and hot drinks!

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