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Aonach Eagach & Curved Ridge

25-26 June 2016
A weekend scrambling in the Glencoe area. David was leading a couple of groups...

photo 2 Having seen the forecast that rain was going to pull in in the afternoon, we met earlier than intended to try and beet the weather. It made the difference ! After sorting out the cars and gear, we got ourselves onto the ridge. We got to just the end of the pinnacles when the rain started, so we swapped harnesses for water proofs to go up the Sgor nam Fiannaidh. About turn on the summit, we came back on ourselves and descended down the unmarked path straight back to the car-park by the white cottage in the drizzle.

Al was leading too, one group on the Aonach Eagach on Saturday, followed by Curved Ridge on the Sunday...

photo 1 A grand day with Diane, Richard and Steven on the Aonach Eagach. I was working for Steven Fallon and Alex was along with me to get some practise for his MIA. We were lucky with the weather as the rain held off until we were almost back at the road giving us a day of views and often strong sunshine on Scotland best mainland ridge scramble.

photo 2 Out again today, this time on Curved Ridge, Glencoe's second most popular scramble after yesterdays' Aonach Eagach. Diane was out for a second day and it was nice to see David again and to meet Matt. I was also joined by Jess another MIA Trainee getting experience in towards her Assessment.

The forecast looked like it would get very wet later on but we were high on the route before the drizzle arrived and it never amounted to a great deal fortunately. So the rock was pretty dry as was the craic!

More photos by Al are here on Flickr.

More photos by David are here on Flickr.

We'll be back on the Aonach Eagach on 22 July, more info here.

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