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Monar's Munros

6 August 2016
Most of Monar's Munros are tucked in behind other peaks and require a fair bit of planning and effort to reach. Near the west coast, they are rugged with some suprises in store. Last time I guided here, the high was seeing an eagle soar off a cliff in front of me. This time...

photo 2 A week prior to this event, the weather forecasters we not paiting a pretty picture of the conditions in the north-west highlands. But as the weekend approached, things did begin to improve. I met our group, Andrew, Hilary, Peter, Richard, Scott and Steve at Attadale and we squashed our vehicles into the car-park, blocking each other in, but being careful not to block anyone else in or park on the grass. Gear ready, bikes sorted and off we went.

We cycled around the gardens, then up a rough track for a couple of kms. Then we met construction of a new hydro scheme - it's really marked the landscape around here, but it has dramatically improved the surface of the track. We can only hope that some landscaping will put back some of the view. Onto Beinn Dronaig bothy, we dropped bikes off, had a bite to eat, then began the day's hike.

photo 2 Over to Loch Calavie took around 45 minutes, from where we followed a watercourse uphill. Some interesting flora and fauna on the way, including a newt who didn't seem too perturbed by our poking around. On grass and never too steep, it wasn't long before we were up at the col between Lurg Mhor and Bidean a'Choire Sheasgaich, where we dropped off our sacks after a spot of lunch. The wind had picked up slightly and mist was now blowing over the summits. Up to Lurg Mhor, and nowt to see - just occasional breaks. Peter was desperate to wander over to Lurg Mhor's eastern top, but conditions put pay to that !

As we returned to the col, the mist did break up a bit and our efforts were rewarded with some views. Up to 'Cheesecake', we met a group making a direct ascent to the summit. Turns out they were staying in the bothy tonight before heading back out - that's going to be a bit sweaty and smelly in there later.

photo 2 Back to the lochside, I suggested everyone head back at their own pace, I'd 'sweep'. We'd also discuss tomorrow once we were in internet reception and could guage the forecasts. Off everyone went and Hilary and I chatted as we wandered back to the bothy. Oh, the midgies were bad, really bad. I had a look in the bothy - yup, sweaty !

Back at the cars, I managed to have a chat with most of the team and we decided conditions were too dangerous for Sgurr Choinnich and Sgurr a'Chaorainn, so we opted for Moruisg instead - winds of storm force were being predicted. Later that evening, with further up-to-date info to hand, it was decided to bin Sunday altogther - which turned out to be the right choice as wind and rain that day were horrendous - August in Scotland !

More photos are here on Flickr.

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