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Mullardoch Munros

21-22 May 2017
Two guided days bagging the 9 Munros surrounding Loch Mullardoch. Kevin and Olly were leading two groups, one starting half an hour before the other due to the limit of people on the boat. Here's Kevin's tale...

Mullardoch are some of the emptiest hills in the country, and certainly some of the more strenuous. This weekend was a popular trip, with myself and Olly Stephenson working with a group of six each.

The Munros surrounding Loch Mullardoch are infamous for their long approaches; or worse, the long tedious treks back to civilisation. It's northern shore is infamous. But we had the Loch Mullardoch Ferry on hand to give us a lift to the top of the loch each morning.


Saturday saw us over the northern four Munros, and after a windy boat trip under leaden skies, the little boat buzzed back off to civilisation to leave us to our day's summits. In my group we had Philip, Orion, Joyce, Barry and Jimmy, as well as Victoria, along for the Saturday alone.

It was a calm day, which at least made up for the rain! An Socach gives a gentle start to the day and we climbed it's summit ridge, sleet now falling, to then turn west back in the direction of the car.

The link between An Socach and An Riabhachan is particularly rough-going, but then you gain the high summit of An Riabhachan and a mile of gentle ground will disappear under your feet without much effort.

Conditions hardly changed all day, but on the way up Sgurr na Lapaich a persistent wind blew against the western flank; only for us to duck under the shade of the mountain as we picked our way down it's eastern slope.

Ahead; just the last Munro, Carn nan Gobhar, which everybody reached in good time. Phillip and Orion nipped off to bag Creag Dubh (a top), and we made our way down into the coire leading back to Loch Mullardoch.

A tremendous day, and a surprisingly testing one. In the evening and on the way back into Cannich, the rain and mist drew back; just typical. Nonetheless, it had been a fine day with some good views.


Sunday morning brought sunny skies, upon which we sailed again for the upper end of Loch Mullardoch. The southern five Munros were today's objective, and it would be a day of continuous high level ridges, not to mention commitment with little in the way of easy escape routes back to the dam. Nick was joining us for today too, which would make another party of six.

Beinn Fhionnlaidh was our first hill, and a fair haul up from the loch shore. The promise of good weather went largely unfulfilled as we were hit by a raw wind on the summit ridge.

The morning's hills are all quite tightly packed together, and it was here on Mam Sodhail that Olly's group caught us up.

The mist closed in from Carn Eighe onward, and rain fell as we traced our way all along it's east ridge. That's a lot of ups and downs when you can't see where you are going! But everyone persisted in our route eastward, to find the mist peeling back en route to Toll Creagach.

This Munro, the last Munros of the weekend's tally of nine, was climbed under soft sunny light. Everybody across the two groups were congregated on the summit for a time, a final sunny conclusion to a cracking weekend's walking.

More photos by Kevin are here on Flickr.

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