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Bespoke day on the Cobbler

19 September 2017
A bespoke day scrambling up the Cobbler on Ben Arthur. Andy Cloquet was leading....

'Corbetts are often mistakenly considered Munro's underlings. Yet, those who are circuiting Corbetts rate many of these 2500'ers way above many moorland plods over 3000'.

Not far from the top of such list must be The Cobbler. It's Central Peak at 884m is achieved by a short but exhilaratingly /nerve-wrackingly crouch (your reaction to sudden exposure will make your choice of adverb) through a gap and traverse of a sloping ledge perched above a long steep slope which bottoms out above Ardgartan some 800m below.

Late this Summer - well, three days before the Autumn Solstice - I was leading Jim in his bid to complete his Corbett round and made a superb account of himself by standing on the summit.

The pic is of Jim reaching the polished step-up from the ledge.

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