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Hiking in the Pentlands

8 June 2018
A bespoke afternoon hiking in the Pentlands. Christine Menhennet, Andy Cloquet and David Murray were leading, here's Christine's tale....

When just walking works !

So - there are a number of car parks associated with Swanston Golf Course but eventually everyone congregated in the same one and it was a jolly bunch from Baillie Gifford (personified by Michael's ultra bright stripped boot laces) who joined Andy, David and I to spend an afternoon in the Pentlands. It was clear from early introductions that we were with people from different departments who didn't know each other but from the level of chit chat - were enjoying getting to know each other and particularly enjoying not being in the office!

We agreed to set off all together and sort out group splits later, as folk seemed to want to see how they felt once on the go. We started gently, looking at the pretty village of Swanston and highlighting some of the famous people related with the village, after which the group pace stepped up alarmingly! Silence fell as we started to ascend and we managed to settle the pace, deciding to head for the coll between Caerketton and Allermuir. Here most folk left their bags and headed for the detour to Caerketton's summit, where we considered the geology of the area before returning to the col for a photo shoot. After picking our bags, it was on to the splendid viewpoint that is Allermuir. Fuelled by Percy Pigs, there was a spotting competition - familiar offices, famous spires, familiar haunts, far flung Laws and much loved beaches.

Leaders agreed the atmosphere was Friday afternoon, sunny, chatty and chilled - people were doing what the point was - mixing and relaxing; myself and the other guides were helping it along. So, no long routes just for the sake of it - no one was asking - therefore we headed towards Flotterstone, pointing out the views of Carnethy, Scald Law, East and West Kip. Folk were impressed to hear about Pentland race records and several of the group expressed an interest in becoming more familiar with their local hills, therefore best maps to use and other tips were discussed.

We avoided stony military tracks and followed grassy paths to the fort which everyone enjoyed before dropping down through the farm and being overcome by lamb-lovedom and the pretty woodland walk into Flotterstone, arriving just 5 minutes ahead of the bus!

More photos by Christine Menhennet are here on Flickr.

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