Last Munro

Beinn Bhuidhe, Last Munro, 1 October 2019

Beinn Bhuidhe near Inveraray - Steven's last Munro on the 16th round. A blog post of the day and the lead up to it.

Beinn Bhuidhe, Last Munro

Getting around to bag your last Munro is something of an event in most Munro-bagger's lives. Not only is it something aimed at for many years, it can develop into a bit of a planning nightmare, setting aside an 'easy' summit on a specific day that friends and family can join the celebrations on. When it works, it's quite a moving moment.

Time was leading up to the last Munro on my 16th round. Well actually it had been hovering around for quite a while, but a combination of work, other commitments and Skye weather meant it didn't happen as quite planned. You'd think being out in the hills and mountains of Scotland for a living would make this an easy task to get round to, but in truth you tend to guide up the same mountains time-and-time again with other peaks (like Beinn Bhuidhe) getting left behind.

This was the case with a few Munro summits, including a handful of the trickier Cuillin peaks not getting a visit from me in several years. By mid-September, the last of Skye's Cuillin peaks were under my belt (with the help of some confidence building from David Buckett) and Beinn Bhuidhe was left as the last Munro summit to be bagged on this round.

So a little plan was beginning to be put in place. But then Scottish weather at the beginning of October took on a bit of Indian Summer and I took the carrot ! Weather meant this was too good an opportunity to miss.

Ben Nevis After the Edinburgh peak traffic subsided on the morning of 1st October, I headed west and arrived at the head of Glen Fyne. A glorious day with blue skies beckoned, a gentle breeze and no rain was expected. Just me on my bike and my dog. I cycled in to the ruin at Invercharnan and we hiked up Beinn Bhuidhe, not meeting a soul. We had the summit to ourselves and stayed here for quite a while, taking in the vast and distant views - Arran, Jura, Rum, Ben Nevis, the Cairngorms could all be picked out.

Eventually with the slight breeze bring a bit of a chill, I about turned and jogged back down out to my bike. It did cross my mind to go back up Beinn Bhuidhe and add it into the 17th round, but no, I decided to leave it for another time, when I can properly check out the new hydro track that I crossed - it climbs to 600m !

So, sorry to anyone who wanted to join on this. I'll make a better plan for the next round and hopefully stick to it !

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