The Fannichs

The Fannich Munros, 15-17 August 2020

A blog post from one of our mountain adventures in the Scottish hills and mountains. Glorious summer days hiking up the Munro summits in the Fannichs mountain range in the north-west highlands of Scotland. Richard Kermode was leading.

The Fannich Munros

Day 1 - Eastern Fannichs

We met up a the parking area near Loch Glascarnoch on a misty morning with the forecast for a hot day and cloud clearing. After a warm walk in we set off over the relatively dry bogs towards An Coileachan our first Munro of the day. I was walking with Laura, Wendy, Alan, Jon, Steve and Steve today and we were getting along fine as the cloud cleared east. We managed to tip up our water on the way up to the ridge. Thankfully there was a tiny breeze at the first summit to keep the midges at arms length. The views were fantastic with an inversion to the east and the rest of our walk clearing nicely. Alas the breeze was short lived and we headed over the grassy rocky ridges to Meall Gorm for lunch only to discover the flying ants were up to no good so only a short stop. There were plenty of folk out mainly going the opposite way round to us as we climbed over the solifluction terraces up Sgurr Mor in the heat. Finally we found some respite with a breeze and stunning view on the last climb of the day up Beinn Liath Mhor Fannaich. It was a hot walk down back to the cars and then most of us went to the Aultguish Inn for some much needed refreshments in the sun!!

Day 2 - Centre section Munros

After a massacre by midges at the start of our second day we were walking away from Loch a'Bhraoin in a cool breeze. It was going to be hot again, but with the inversion lasting longer we walked all the way in to our furthest away peak first and reached Sgurr nan Each as it escaped the clouds. It was actually cold on the climb which was a nice change. A leisurely fly free rest on the summit made for a more relaxing day and we enjoyed the walk up onto Sgurr nan Clach Geala for another long break this time much warmer, but still with that all important breeze. Another day where we were going the opposite direction to everyone else on the hills too! The north side of the hills was a lot warmer and watching the inversion to the east burning off and moving to reveal our hills from day one was a delight. Out west and the Fisherfield hills and An Teallach were looking glorious. Our last hill was a sunny and hot rest before the steep descent back into the hot glens. At least the breeze was in the car park so no massacre my midges.

Day 3 - Western Fannichs

Our last day saw us back at Loch a'Bhraoin with more midges chasing us up Sron na Leitir Fhearna until we reached the breeze higher up. It was a dramatic day with the cloud spilling over the passes between our summits and disappearing leaving us in the sun and wind. Lovely. On the way up we passed a beautiful family of Ptarmigan hiding in the rocky outcrops. Up on Toman Coineach the views of our two Munros were good and we headed for Sgurr Breac first just in time for the views as the clouds came bursting over the hill as we headed back to the Bealach a'Choire Bhric. On our way to A'Chailleach we contoured Toman Coineach to save some ascent and enjoyed lunch with some misty views north as the cloud engulfed us temporarily again. It was hot as we made the final summit of the trip, but good views into the Fisherfield again. Much more cloud moving in at every level so we returned to Toman Coineach to enjoy the ridge back down and escape to the sunshine again. We were soon back at the cars and a breeze to save us from the midges. It was a good long weekend of walking in some hot conditions with a fun group!

More photos by Richard Kermode are here on Flickr.

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