Fisherfield Raid

Fisherfield Munros Raid, 16 August 2020

A blog post from one of our mountain adventures in the Scottish hills and mountains. Steven was doing a recci of a potential route up the Fisherfield 'Big 6'.

Fisherfield Munros Raid

Back in May, myself and a group of fit and hardt Munro-baggers were hoping to aim in to Fisherfield for the day and bag all the Munros in the wilderness. We'd be using bikes for the track from Coirehallie to Achnegie, which I suspect was do-able, though had never cycled. However, due to the Coronavirus situation and restrictions, the event had to be postponed.

It's now August and by now one of the group had bagged the Munros and another couldn't make it (not sure about the others). So, with an excellent forecast, I headed u pthere to test the route for myself.

Oh, the midgies were horrendous when I arrived at the lay-by, so gear was quickly stuffed in my bike-rucksack and running bumbag and off on my e-bike. I headed up the rough track through woodland to its highest point, passing 3 guys on the way and meeting a couple by the cairn. Time for a quick stop to take in the views ahead and the ridge of An Teallach to my right before blasting down to Achnegie. Having semi-fat tyre and electric assistance made quick work of this and before long I was looking for a place to hide the bike.

The circuit of the 'Big 6' began with a haul up the north-eastern slopes of Beinn 'Chlaidheimh, much easier than I remember. Approaching the summit crest I passed a woman with her dog and we eventually blethered on the summit - her small dog was amazing, a pomaranian and really game - they were also going to be heading around the six peaks.

The rest of the circuit was pretty text-book stuff - the grassy slog up Sgurr Ban, the zig-zag path through the boulderfield up Mullach Coire Mhi Fhearchair followed by the by-pass path around the base of Meall Garbh to Bealach Odhar, where I met two more folk - the only other people all day ! Up Beinn Tarsuinn, then down the other side, looking for some water - the first decent trickle, stopped and topped up, not noticing I'd dropped my sunglasses - so if you find a pair of blue and black Orao, do let me know !

A hike up the gentle slopes of A'Mhaighdean to reach its summit in perfect conditions. Time to chill for a bit and take in the magnifient views out north-west to Skye and the Outer Hebrides. I over short the path down from here (note to self - the small cairn at the north-western end of the broad shoulder doesn't mark the way down), corrected and headed down and up Ruadh Stac Mor. Some lovely grass to jog over next, topping up with water on route, to pick up the path down Gleann na Muice Beag to Larachantivore. Just 3km was left back to the bike, half making a route over grass (and a bit of marsh), the other half on the decent path passing Achneigie.

Back on the bike for a quick whizz back to Coirehallie, stopping occasionally to take in the fine views.

The question about this being an appropriate route for a group on a 'Fisherfield Raid' was in my head well answered. Yup, for a group of very fit, focussed and seasoned Munro-baggers, but for all the other hillwalkers out there, the 4 day event where we have more time to take in the surroundings and explore more is a finer way to enjoy and appreciate the wild area ! Our next outing on this is in the beginning of October - details here.

More photos by Steven Fallon are here on Flickr.

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