Culter Fell and Chapelgill Hill

Culter Fell

Highest hill above Coulter Reservoir

In the Southern Uplands, south of Biggar, the summit of Culter Fell is the highest point in a circuit of rolling grass-covered hills surrounding Coulter Reservoir.

Culter Fell

ListsGrahams, 15
LocationTinto and Culter Fells,
The Borders
Grid RefNT052290
Lat/Lon55.54623, -3.50269

Culter Fell is the high point on a series of rolling hills in the Southern Uplands, south of Biggar. Views from Culter Fell's summit over the Clyde Valley are quite lovely, though a bit of a shame about the massive wind farm spoiling the view south-west.

Approached from Culter Allers Farm to the west or from Glenholm to the east, routes up Culter Fell climb up fairly gentle hillsides and for the most part follow faint but obvious paths. Once higher up, fence-lines aid navigation onward from Culter Fell's summit.

The ridge northwards from Culter Fell's summit leads to Chapelgill Hill. Taking place in early March, the Chapelgill Hill Race is a short blast up to the summit and back from Glenkirk in Glen Holm.

Routes up Culter Fell

Culter Fell and Gathersnow Hill

The rolling Culter Hills lie in the Southern Uplands, just south of Biggar. The highest peaks are Culter Fell and Gathersnow Hill - vast heather and grass covered lumps. Navigation is fairly easy following well-maintained fences.

Peaks : 2 Grahams, 4 Donalds

Ascent : 960m (3150ft)
Distance : 19km (12m)
Time : 6:30hr

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