Dun Rig

Dun Rig

Heather clad Graham in the Manor Hills

South of Peebles, Dun Rig is the highest point on a circuit of heather clad crests surrounding Glen Sax.

Dun Rig

Meaningdull-brown ridge
ListsGrahams, 22
LocationTweedsmuir and Manor Hills,
The Borders
Grid RefNT253315
Lat/Lon55.57187, -3.18597

Dun Rig is a rather featureless heather and grass covered lump standing above forests and farmland halfway between Peebles and St Mary's Loch. It is the only summit in the Manor Hills high enough and with sufficient prominence to make it into the list of Grahams.

The quickest route to Dun Rig would be to cycle from Peebles down the length of Glen Sax to the foot of Dun Rig, where a short hike of 1km up a 300m heather-clad hillside gains the trig point on the top !

With Dun Rig standing as the highest point on a circuit of wide heather crests in which there are 3 other 'Donald' hills, a far more enjoyable route can be taken hiking or fell-running following fence-lines, tracks and, for part of the way, a section of the Cross Borders Drovers Road.

Routes up Dun Rig

Dun Rig and the Glen Sax Circuit

From Peebles, a fine circular hillrunning route overlooking Glen Sax takes in the high ground of Glenrath and Huddleshope Heights. Part of the route forms the Gypsy Glen Hill Race.

Peaks : 1 Graham, 4 Donalds

Ascent : 900m (2950ft)
Distance : 21km (13m)
Time : 6:45hr

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