Meall Gorm

Meall Gorm

Rounded Munro in Fannichs

Standing above lochans and corries to the north and more gentle slopes to the south, Meall Gorm is a rather unassuming lump of a hill in the Fannichs mountain range.

Meall Gorm

Meaningblue hill
ListsMunro, 215
LocationThe Fannichs, The Fannichs to Loch Maree
Grid RefNH222696
Lat/Lon57.68097, -4.98482

Meall Gorm is a rounded hill in the eastern half of the Fannichs mountain range. Heather and grass covered on its lower slopes, much of its higher ground and crest is boulder covered. Probably its most interesting feature is the remains of the old stalkers shelter just east of the summit, the roof fell in in the early '90s and has since collapsed further.

Although the most direct route to Meall Gorm is via a stalkers path from Fannich Lodge, the hill sits on a wide crest, halfway between An Coileachan and Sgurr Mor. Meall Gorm is therefore most likely to be bagged on a hike involving these two Munros to which routes vary depending on approach.

Routes up Meall Gorm

Fannichs Big 9

This route taking in all nine Munros in the Fannichs mountain range makes for an epic day out and begins (and ends) with a 12km cycle up a private road in the peaceful land surrounding Loch Fannich.

Peaks : 9 Munros

Ascent : 3050m (10010ft)
Distance : 61km (38m)
Time : 15:30hr

Eastern Fannichs

A circular hillwalking route following hill crests with intermittent stalkers paths, leads up a hillside of solifluction lobes to Sgurr Mor, the highest peak in the Fannichs.

Peaks : 4 Munros, option of 1 Corbett

Ascent : 1150m (3770ft)
Distance : 17km (11m)
Time : 6hr

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