Mount Battock from the east

Mount Battock

Most easterly Corbett hill

Mount Battock is the most easterly of the Corbetts, sitting on high moorland which extends toward Mount Keen, some 14km to the west.

Mount Battock

ListsCorbett, 193
LocationAngus Glens, Glenshee to Cairn o'Mount
Grid RefNO549844
Lat/Lon56.94926, -2.74196

Mount Battock is the most easterly of the Corbetts and is the highest point on the elevated moorland north of Glen Esk and east of the old drover's road, The Fungle Road. On this moorland to the east of Mount Battock is Clachnaben (meaning 'stone of the hill'), a distinctive granite tor rising above the heather.

The most direct route to this Corbett's summit heads in from Millden Lodge to the south in Glen Esk and follows estate tracks. An easy hike, but not the most picturesque, crossing farmland looking at the bulk Mount Battock all the way.

A much more enjoyable route begins from Bridge of Dye to the east, heading up Clachnaben first, then staying high while savouring vast views for the remainder of the way to Mount Battock.

Routes up Mount Battock

Clachnaben and Mount Battock

Heading from Glen Dye to Mount Battock via the granite tor of Clachnaben makes for an enjoyable hike on an elevated expanse. Clachnaben Hill Race is also outlined on this page.

Peaks : 1 Corbett

Ascent : 1050m (3440ft)
Distance : 25km (16m)
Time : 8hr

Mount Battock from Glen Esk

A circular hike on estate tracks and following fence-lines makes for a fairly direct, if rather unexciting route to Mount Battock.

Peaks : 1 Corbett

Ascent : 675m (2210ft)
Distance : 14km (9m)
Time : 4:40hr

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