Ruadh-stac Beag from Beinn Eighe

Ruadh-stac Beag

Rugged Corbett peak behind Beinn Eighe

Tucked behind mighty Beinn Eighe, Ruadh-stac Beag is a rugged little lump, its summit guarded on most sides by crags and scree.

Ruadh-stac Beag

Meaningsmall red conical hill
ListsCorbett, 29
LocationTorridon, Applecross, Coulin and Torridon
Grid RefNG972613
Lat/Lon57.59638, -5.39397

Ruadh-stac Beag is a rugged Corbett peak in Torridon, tucked behind the sprawling ridges and peaks of mighty Beinn Eighe.

The only practicable access to the base of this little mountain is via the 'pony track' which begins from just outside Kinlochewe at the southern end of Loch Maree. As Ruadh-stac Beag is guarded on most sides by scree and crags, finding a line of ascent is challenging, with only the southern ridge allowing hillwalkers access.

Routes up Ruadh-stac Beag

Meall a' Ghiubhais and Ruadh-stac Beag

Some fine hillwalking with some challenging navigation and route selection to gain the summits of two rugged Corbett peaks behind Beinn Eighe in Torridon.

Peaks : 2 Corbetts

Ascent : 1430m (4690ft)
Distance : 18km (11m)
Time : 6:55hr

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