Sail Mhor above Badcaul

Sail Mhor

Dome shaped mountain above Little Loch Broom

North-west of An Teallach, Sail Mhor is seen from most roadside viewpoints as a rounded dome of crags and scree rising above Little Loch Broom.

Sail Mhor

Meaningbig heel
ListsCorbett, 212
LocationAn Teallach, Loch Maree to Loch Broom
Grid RefNH032887
Lat/Lon57.84444, -5.31582

Sail Mhor sits solitary above Little Loch Broom and the moorlands surrounding Badcaul and Badluachrach. As an outlier of An Teallach, Sail Mhor's domed shape is a little surprising given the jaggyness of its neighbours.

The most direct approach up Sail Mhor is from the A832 above Little Loch Broom, however as the hill has craggy northern faces, a detour will be needed, which will involve heading around the back of the hill and climbing up the easier southern slopes.

Routes up Sail Mhor

Sail Mhor from Ardessie

This fairly direct approach up Sail Mhor from above Little Loch Broom, takes a bit of a detour to avoid craggy northern faces and makes for a delightful afternoon's hillwalk.

Peaks : 1 Corbett

Ascent : 850m (2790ft)
Distance : 9km (6m)
Time : 3:40hr

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