Descending Stuchd an Lochain back to Giorra Dam

Loch an Daimh Munros (and a Corbett)

Hillwalking route up Stuchd an Lochain, Meall Buidhe and Cam Creag

Stuchd an Lochain, Meall Buidhe and Cam Creag are two Munros and a Corbett surrounding Loch an Daimh at the western end of Glen Lyon. These peaks are not far from the populated areas of Stirling and Perth, yet the remote location makes a hike over the hills very memorable.

Route outline

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Stuchd an Lochain

Meall Buidhe


Cam Chreag

Ascent 1335m (4370ft)
Distance 17km (11m)
Time 6:40hr
Start/finish Giorra Dam
Grid Ref : NN512464
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Giorra Dam at the eastern end of Loch an Daimh is a fine place to begin a hike up the Munros of Stuchd an Lochain and Meall Buidhe. With a mushy shoreline and no path to fine, probably best to bag these Munros on a there-and-back route. Cam Creag, the Corbett peak east of Meall Buidhe, can be tagged in as a grassy detour from this summit, adding around an hour or so into the route.

Both Munro peaks offer fine views from their summits - Meall Buidhe is an excellent vantage point to look over Rannoch and Stuchd an Lochain's summit cairn perched precariously above a craggy drop down to Loch an Daimh.

Route map

Route description

1. Get to Giorra Dam

Stuchd an Lochain from Giorra Dam

Get to Glen Lyon from Killin to the south or Aberfeldy to the east, then head along an unclassified road towards Bridge of Balgie where there is a shop and tearoom.

Drive west along another unclassified and narrow road for 4km, to where there is a junction in the road.

Turn right and drive uphill and to the end of the road just below the Giorra Dam - deer will often be seen by the roadside.

There is ample roadside parking by a notice board, but be careful not to block access to the tracks or dam. The notice board indicates the preferred routes during the stalking season.

2. Stuchd an Lochain

Stuchd an Lochain's eastern shoulder looking to the Lawers range

From where you've parked, follow the road down to the bridge over the Allt Conait below the dam. Cross the bridge and head uphill to the southern end of the dam.

Just after where the road becomes a track, a small cairn on your left marks the start of a wet path uphill.

After an initial short climb, the path levels until it reaches a point directly above the boathouse. At this point the path turns south-west and climbs steeply over mixed terrain - grass, bog, burns and loose scree.

Once the crest of the eastern arm of Creag an Fheadain is reached , the path meets a line of fence-posts travelling east-west and this is followed to the cairn on the summit of this minor top.

The path and posts turn and drop to a bealach below Sron Chona Choirein.

From this bealach, start up towards Sron Chona Choirein, but notice the path veers west away from the fence-posts as the gradient easies - keep to the path rather than following the posts !

The path contours below Sron Chona Choirein's summit and meets up with the fence-posts once more as the bealach below Stuchd an Lochain is approached.

One final short pull is required to reach the small cairn on Stuchd an Lochain. Fine views are to be had from this summit, paticularly west towards the Beinn Dorain group.

3. Return to Giorra Dam

Descending Stuchd an Lochain

Don't be tempted to aim northwards directly to the lochside and return along the shore. If you do, you'll find the ground on the shoreline very soft between the boulders making for tiring progress as your feet sink into the gravel and mud. The ground above the shore is heather clad and pathless.

Instead, I've found it best to retrace my steps return by the route taken up.

4. Meall Buidhe

Cornice on Meall Buidhe's southern crest

From the base of the dam, you can pick up a track by the notice board aiming uphill. Higher up, this track meets up with another which travels east-west - turn west and walk for around 400m to just above the dam to where a cairn marks the beginning of a faint path heading uphill on grass-covered ground.

On this path walk uphill, there are a few wooden posts marking the route. The path becomes sodden and occasionally faint, the wooden posts that aided navigation are now gone !

As heather is reached, the path splits - either branch will do, though I prefer to aim on the western one. These paths lead to a short clamber up heather and onto a shoulder encircling Coire nam Miseach.

The faint paths turn north and converge. Now much direr underfoot, the paths is much more obvious.

Further on, the path merges with another coming from the east at around c830m and climbs up a short, but fairly steep incline onto the southern end the plateau of Meall Buidhe, where there is a small cairn .

Follow the plateau's crest to Meall Buidhe's summit with its substantial cairn and fine views.

5. Return to Giorra Dam

Retrace your steps back to the dam and notice board.

6. Alternative return via Cam Chreag

Returning along Meall Buidhe, looking to Stuchd an Lochain

Return to the cairn at the southern end of Meall Buidhe's plateau.

Head east, drop to a bealach then hike over the minor summit of Meall a'Phuill . Now on pathless slopes, drop eastwards on grass-covered slopes. As height is lost, terrain becomes more heather-clad and the bealach of Carn Lairig Meachdainn is reached just after crossing a rough track.

A straightforward hike up grassy slopes gains the summit of Cam Creag .

Return to Carn Lairig Meachdainn , then pick up the rough ATV track heading southwards. The ATV track becomes more distinct and meets up with the track heading east-west , from where it's hands-back-in-pockets for the walk back to the notice-board.

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