Looking up to Cramalt Craig and Dun Law from Cramalt Burn

Broad Law and Dollar Law

Hiking route up Broad Law and Dollar Law from the Megget Stone

A delightful route following fencelines which aid navigation over the undulating ground between Dollar Law and Broad Law.

Route outline


Broad Law

Ascent 810m (2650ft)
Distance 16km (10m)
Time 5:20hr
Start Megget Reservoir
Grid Ref : NT196232
Finish Megget Stone
Grid Ref : NT151203
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Ranges of rolling grass-covered hills twist and turn in the lands between Peebles and Moffat, on which Broad Law is the highest point. Fine access points for starting a hike up Broad Law are by Tweedsmuir and Megget Reservoir.

This route begins from Megget reservoir, from where a fine estate track leads onto high ground and meets with fencelines. Most of the route traces faint paths following the fencelines over gentle climbs and descents and as such navigation is pretty straightforward.

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Route description

1. Getting to Megget Reservoir

Cattle-grid by the Megget Stone

Cattle-grid by the Megget Stone

This hillwalking route up Dollar Law and Broad Law approaches from the Megget Reservoir and the Megget Stone to the south of the hills. The start and finish of the route lie some 5km apart, therefore organising some shared transport or use of a bike will cut out an hours walk along tarmac at the end of the day.

Megget Reservoir can be accessed from Tweedsmuir on the A701, where a narrow, well maintained road heads south-east along Talla Reservoir, then climbs steeply to the Megget Stone by the highest point on the road.

Alternatively, the area can be accessed from the A708 near St Mary's Loch from where a narrow road along the Megget Reservoir is followed to the road's highest point.

The hillroute starts from an inlet near Megget Reservoir's eastern end, where close by there is ample parking in a picnic area above the lochside. The route ends 5km to the west of the start point, by a cattle grid close to the highest point on the road, where parking is limited to a couple of cars, though more parking for around 5 or 6 cars is available 300m further west.

2. Dollar Law

Cramalt Craig from Cramalt Burn

Cramalt Craig from Cramalt Burn

Starting by the bridge over the Cramalt Burn at the inlet near the eastern end of Megget Reservoir, head through a gate by a patch of woodland. On a fine estate track travelling north-west, folllow the east bank of the burn uphill.

The track climbs gently for around 2km, then turns northwards around Stone Grain Rig and begins to climb more steeply. After 1km travelling northwards, the track begins to turn more westerly - note that this is shown correctly on the OS Explorer map, but not on the OS Landranger map, which is hopelessly out-of-date !

Cramalt Craig from Cramalt Burn

Cramalt Craig from Cramalt Burn

The track climbs onto Dollar Law's crest , around halfway between the minor summits of Dun Law and Fifescar Knowe, where a fence-line is met. Turn right and follow a faint trod northwards as it hugs the fence-line for 1.5km, crossing another fenceline on Fifescar Knowe on the way before reaching Dollar Law's summit . The summit is marked by a trig point sitting between the fenceline and the remains of an old wall.

Cramalt Craig from Cramalt Burn

Cramalt Craig from Cramalt Burn

3. Broad Law

Fenceline on Cramalt Craig with Broad Law in mist

Fenceline on Cramalt Craig with Broad Law in mist

Navigation for the remainder of the route is fairly straightforward, even in mist or white-out, tracing a fence-line all the way !

On Dollar Law, about-turn and trace your route back to the top of the estate track. Continue following the fence-line southwards to Dun Law, after which there is a shallow drop, before a climb up Cramalt Craig . Cramalt Craig's summit is marked by a small cairn close to a turn in the fenceline.

Still keeping close to the fence-line, lose a height of just under 150m to reach the bealach between Cramalt Craig and Broad Law, crossing a fenceline running north-south on the way. If the drop had been just a few metres more, Cramalt Craig could have been classified a 'Corbett' !

Broad Law summit beacon with Culter Fell beyond

Broad Law summit beacon with Culter Fell beyond

The bealach is a bit soggy, but beyond it, a straightforward climb on a faint trod sticks close to the fenceline all the way to a mast on Broad Law's wide summit plateau. There are three masts and a huge circular beacon on the plateau, with the highest point marked by a trig point just south of the beacon. Views are pretty good !

Broad Law summit beacon with Culter Fell beyond

Broad Law summit beacon with Culter Fell beyond

4. Return

Beginning a descent southwards from Broad Law

Beginning a descent southwards from Broad Law

From the trig point, aim southwards following the fenceline for 2km. There are some ATV tracks to follow instead - these pull slightly westwards away from the fenceline before returning on the descent to Cairn Law.

Just below Cairn Law, the fenceline meets with a tall deer fence - don't head through the gate in this fence, instead keep to the east side of the fence line, picking up a faint path by the shepherd's cairns.

The path, slight soggy in bits, hugs the fenceline and becomes more obvious as it drops over Fans Law to the roadside by the Cattle Grid and Megget Stone.

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