Molls Cleuch Dod above Megget Reservoir

Broad Law, White Coomb & Hart Fell

Routes up the Tweedsmuir Corbetts in the Southern Uplands


Broad Law (840m)
White Coomb (821m)
Hart Fell (808m)


1600m (5,250ft)


30km (19m)


walking : 10hr*, running : 4hr
 *Naismith's rule : 4km/h distance + 600m/h ascent

Main route summary

The three Corbetts to the east of the River Tweed source sit amongst quiet farmland and forestry. These predominantly grass and rush covered rolling hills cover an expansive area. On such hills and in mist, navigation would normally prove to be fairly testing, however the network of well maintained fence lines that run along most of the crests and main shoulders make for an untaxing day out.

The route up Broad Law starts and finishes from the highest point on the road between the Talla and Megget reservoirs. White Coomb and Hart Fell can also be attacked from this point, however this would miss out walking up aside the Grey Mare's tail - the 5th highest waterfall in the UK. The prefered approach to these two Corbetts therefore starts from the south.

start/finish Megget's Stone
(grid ref : NT150203)


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Getting there
  • From the north, south and the west, this area is accessed from Tweedsmuir on the A701, where a narrow, well maintained road heads south-east along Talla Reservoir, then climbs steeply to fine view by a bridge over the River Talla just below the highest point on the road.
  • From the east, the A708 is left at St Mary's Loch and the narrow road along the Megget Reservoir is followed to the road's highest point.
  • The hillroute up Broad Law starts from here, but there is space only for one car to park. More parking for around 5 or 6 cars is available 300m to the west.

Broad Law from the Megget Stone
  • The route up Broad Law hardly needs describing, just follow the fence to the summit !
  • From the highest point on road, a fence heads north. On the east side of this, a worn path follows this.
  • Occasionally wet and faint, the route is obvious.
  • There's no mistaking the summit - the trig point is overshadowed by a huge beacon.

  • Return by the same route.

White Coomb and Hart Fell from the Megget Stone
  • This route is much inferior to the route heading in from the south via the Grey Mare's Tail (described in the Alternative Routes), but, if after attaining Broad Law you find yourselves with a few hours to spare, then why not jog along aside more fence-lines and bag another couple of Corbetts?
  • As for the Broad Law route, start from the highest point on the road between Talla and Megget reservoirs.
  • Head down over the wet grass and rush covered ground to the fence-line.
  • Cross the Talla Water, then follow the fence-line up Molls Cleuch Dod, Firthybrig Head and Donald's Cleuch Head to the junction of the fence-lines on Firthhope Rig.
  • Follow the fence to Hart Fell (in Alternative Routes).

  • Return by the same route.


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