The Cairnwell from Creag Leacach

The Cairnwell

Prominent Munro peak west of Glenshee Ski Centre

Above Glenshee Ski Centre, The Cairnwell is a prominent peak. The summit is a mere 260m above the highest point on the A93, therefore making it one of the easiest Munros to bag !

The Cairnwell

Meaningcairn of bags or peatbanks
ListsMunro, 244
LocationGlen Shee, Glenshee to Cairn o'Mount
Grid RefNO135774
Lat/Lon56.89589, -3.42269

The summit of the Cairnwell is a less than 300m above Glenshee Ski Centre and, along with the tracks leading from the centre to its summit, this makes for a straightforward ascent, making The Cairnwell one of the easiest Munros to bag !

As the crow flies, The Cairwell's summit is less than 1km from Glenshee Ski Centre, however this route is pathless and although fine for a descent, not a great choice for uphill. Instead, there are fine ski-tracks which can be used (as long as skiing isn't in progress !).

Tag in Carn Aodsa for a circular route above Glenshee Ski Centre, or better still, extend the route westwards to Carn a'Gheoidh for a longer and more interesting route away from crowds.

Routes up The Cairnwell

Glenshee 9 Munros

The 9 Munros above Glenshee can be linked to form a long high-level hiking circuit. With generally grass covered slopes, this is one of the easier ways to go multi-Munro-bagging !

Peaks : 9 Munros

Ascent : 1690m (5540ft)
Distance : 30km (19m)
Time : 10:15hr

West of Glenshee

Carn Aodsa and The Cairnwell hiked together from Glenshee Ski Centre makes for one of the easiest Munro routes. Extend this to include Carn a' Gheoidh for something a tad more challenging !

Peaks : 3 Munros, option of 1 Corbett

Ascent : 625m (2050ft)
Distance : 11km (7m)
Time : 3:50hr

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