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The 10 best multi-Munro bagging days

Long routes to bag several mountain summits over 3,000feet high

Feeling fit and wanting to stretch yourself ? A great way would be to fit in several Munros is one outing over a long day. Here's my pick of these hiking days, all with at least 6 Munros packed into a varied route.

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So you've reached the point in your Munro bagging career where you've bagged several summits and are addicted !

But there's still a long way to go to reach that 282 tally of all the Munro summits. What about hiking some long summer days to get the number outstanding down ?

Well, here's a list of the top 10 days to get some big numbers in the bag. Some are easier than expected whereas others will really push you to your limits.

Lawers range

1 - Lawers

Lawers 7

Ascent : 1750m
Distance : 19km
Duration : 7:30hr
Ben Lawers is the 10th highest mountain in the UK and the highest in the Southern Highlands. The mountain is at the centre of a chain of 7 Munros which fit people can walk in one day.

Glenshee 9 Munros

2 - Glenshee 9

Glenshee 9

Ascent : 1690m
Distance : 30km
Duration : 10:15hr
The 9 Munros above Glenshee can be linked to form a long high-level circuit. With generally grass covered slopes, this is one of the easier ways to go multi-Munro-bagging !

South Glen Shiel Ridge

3 - South Glen Shiel Ridge

South Glen Shiel

Ascent : 2750m
Distance : 42km
Duration : 15hr
The South Glen Shiel Ridge is a range of 7 Munro peaks stretching for 13km in a continuous chain. Tag on The Saddle and Sgurr na Sgine for some easy scrambling and more exhilarating views.


4 - Mamores


Ascent : 3400m
Distance : 34km
Duration : 14hr
The Mamores is one of the finest mountain ranges in Scotland, with 10 Munros compacted into 34km. The peaks are all linked in one long chain with three deviations for outlying summits.

Mullardoch Circuit

5 - Mullardoch Circuit


Ascent : 4950m
Distance : 55km
Duration : 2 days
This is a very remote area and not for beginner Munro-baggers ! All 12 Munros encircling Loch Mullarodch can be taken in on one long and varied route, perhaps back-packed over 2 days.


6 - Fannichs


Ascent : 2900m
Distance : 35km
Duration : 13:30hr
A chain of 9 Munros above Loch Fannich in the far north-west. It takes some effort to get onto the main ridge of this mountain range, but once up, progress is straightforward predominantly following paths on grass.

Crianlarich Munros

7 - Crianlarich Munros

Crianlarich Munros

Ascent : 3400m
Distance : 30km
Duration : 13hr
Ben More and Stob Binnein are two of the highest mountains in the Southern Highlands. Combined with 5 neighbouring Munros to the west make for a long and spectacular route.

Kintail's Brothers and Sisters

8 - Kintail's Brothers and Sisters


Ascent : 3900m
Distance : 35km
Duration : 15:15hr
The famed Five Sisters of Kintail rise dramatically from the northern side of Glen Shiel. Combined with their easterly neighbouring Munros, up to 9 Munros can be bagged in one outing.

Inverlael Munros

9 - Inverlael Munros

Inverlael Munros

Ascent : 2600m
Distance : 35km
Duration : 13hr
South-east of Ullapool, the vast wildernesses of Inverlael, Freevater and StrathVaich Forests lie waiting to be explored. There are 6 entertaining Munros here and some Corbetts too !

Southern Cuillin Ridge

10 - Southern Cuillin Ridge

Southern Cuillin

Ascent : 2440m
Distance : 17/.5km
Duration : 7hr plus
The Skye Cuillin are technically much harder than anything else in Scotland. On a clear and dry day, competent and fit scramblers could summit the 8 Munros on the Southern Cuillin, or even extend the day to do the entire ridge !


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