Benn Hee from Meall an Fheur Loch

Ben Hee

Corbett hill above Loch Merkland

Seen from the roadside, Ben Hee is a domed hill of boulderfield above grass-covered hillsides. Out of view, Ben Hee has a hidden northern side with rocky slabs and buttresses rising above Loch an t-Seilg

Ben Hee

Meaningfairy hill
ListsCorbett, 60
LocationReay Forest, Coigach and the far north
Grid RefNC426339
Lat/Lon58.26588, -4.68391

In Sutherland, sitting on the eastern edge of Reay Forest, Ben Hee rises above Loch Merkland.

A track crosses from Loch Merkland through Bealach nam Meirleach to the Hope road and it is from this that most ascents up Ben Hee are made. This could allow the Graham hills of Carn an Tionail and Beinn Direach to be combined with Ben Hee into one outing.

Alternatively, a short and direct route from the mast above Loch Merkland requires a distance of just 8km.

Routes up Ben Hee

Ben Hee from Loch Merkland

Ben Hee is a big lump of a domed hill overlooking Loch Merkland, from where the most direct route begins. Away from the estate tracks that access the area, terrain is pathless with much boulderfield needing negotiated.

Peaks : 1 Corbett

Ascent : 850m (2790ft)
Distance : 14km (9m)
Time : 4:55hr

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